Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ampers, Diverse Radio for Minnesota's Communities
Most of 2010 has been dedicated to a launching a new website for Ampers, a collection of public radio stations in Minnesota. In July, the site began featuring arts, culture, music and history stories produced by stations statewide. By mid-August, our producers had uploaded 900+ stories and concerts to the site, including features on flarf poetry, do-it-yourself chainsaw art, a man who memorizes Scandinavian drinking songs and much, much more. It's quite a collection of audio. My job is to highlight the best work in our Backstage blog, tweet about selected audio, choose a Story of the Day ( is an audio tweet, but the company isn't affiliated with Twitter), write Facebook updates and noodle ways to get more people to check out the site.

The site is powered in an innovative way. Producers are uploading audio to a private network on the Public Radio Exchange (PRX). Once the audio, photos and a short description have been uploaded to PRX, those resources are sent to Ampers and are seamlessly integrated into the site. Our stations use PRX to easily share stories and concerts without having to mess with an FTP site, server or e-mail.

The site is here.