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10,000 ARTS Where we live An essay I wrote last year for has been reprinted by 10,000 Arts, a quarterly co-production of mnartists and Rake magazine. (Photo by Colin Kopp) Here's the beginning of the essay: "I've been living in the same city for a long time. Maybe that's why I crave the unusual. I abhor cookie-cutter architecture, which is just as prevalent in urban areas as in cul-de-sac suburbia. How many three-story brick condos with railed terraces have you seen constructed in recent years? I want buildings that curve, use everyday materials in strange ways, use strange materials in everyday ways, inspire fear, or give me pause. I like to nestle next to Moos Tower on a sunny day, bike under the Guthrie's blue-black cantilever at night, and duck into that new box buried behind the Walker Art Center that frames the winter sky. I also like the dangerous: decrepit structures with peeling paint and collapsed roofs. Walking across the cracked, agin