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REUTERS Witnesses describe horror of collapsed bridge scene A woman sobbed against an embankment near the collapsed Minneapolis bridge, comforted by strangers and a priest. She told them she had been talking on her cell phone with a friend who was driving on the span when the call was suddenly interrupted. "She can't talk," one of the men said, explaining the woman had rushed over to the bridge but could not find her friend. Martha Robeson was also crying, worried that her two granddaughters had been hurt or killed in Wednesday's rush-hour collapse of the 500-foot (160 meter) span over the Mississippi River. "I want my grandbabies. That's all I want," the 39-year-old said of the 6- and 4-year-old girls who had been on a city-sponsored swimming trip. Witnesses described a frightening rumble, then a thunderous roar, as the 40-year-old steel and concrete span buckled and collapsed, crashing 65 feet into the river. Cars w