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CHICAGO PUBLIC RADIO Spirit and Body Willing: Sex Over Age 70 The sexuality of older Americans is an unspoken subject. After all, who can imagine their parents having sex, much less their grandparents? But for many people age 70 and above, sexuality often remains an important part of life and their identity. And they may face obstacles to fulfilling their needs for physical and emotional intimacy — among them, skewed demographics, lack of sexual information, health and medical issues, children's attitudes and the reactions of nursing aides and peers. However, at one Chicago-area senior apartment complex, Oakton Arms in Des Plaines, the sexual well-being of residents is supported, thanks largely to its executive director, Jay Lewkowitz, who is also a sex therapist. In this 28-minute documentary, four Oakton Arms residents — Frieda, Bill, Si and Alice, each over age 85 — talk candidly about their personal lives, revealing their desires, frustrations and joys of sex. In addition