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CITY PAGES Wheels of Fortune It's 11:40 on a Friday morning and the bus is right on time. There are only a handful of us waiting at the rusty Metro Transit shelter on 36th and Lake on this balmy day; we scatter among the 47 seats, settling in for the one-hour trip to Mystic Lake Casino. The bus heaves to a stop at Cedar Avenue, Bloomington Avenue, and a few other Lake Street corners before heading south on I-35W past sprawling car dealerships where most of the passengers can't afford to shop. Trumpeted in advertising throughout the casino ("Odds Are, You'll Like Our Free Rides"), this charter is one of seven making twice-a-day trips throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and a few first-ring suburbs. It's part of Mystic's guest service, explains spokeswoman Patti Nystuen. Many of the customers are elderly, she says, "and they don't always want to drive. We can take them right there." Read more here .